About me

I’ve done a few interesting things in my time so far:

  • Grew up between the UK & US
  • Hold dual British and Dutch nationality
  • Ran one of the world’s largest Harry Potter fan sites - The Remembrall - from the age of 12
  • Started podcasting in 2005 - then live video streaming in 2010
  • Had a brief media career running It’s Kinda Cool - lucky enough to meet and interview the likes of David Attenborough, Gary Oldman, Emma Watson and many more
  • Worked for Microsoft as a Development Engineer
  • Speaker at numerous tech conferences (Google Cloud NEXT multiple times) - my favourite talk: Fun with a Petabyte
  • Moved to Qubit - starting as an JS Engineer, moved into Pre-sales Engineering and then Product Management
  • Worked on Product @ Zencargo to transform the world of global supply chains with data
  • Helped launch Manatee as interim-CTO and now advisor

I am now trying to fix the worlds authorization headaches building Cerbos